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Watch Parineeti Chopra discover Melbourne, Australia
A place stuck in 1880's, a sanctuary full of unique wildlife, a vineyard perched upon green rolling hills and an iconic stadium; undiscover Victoria with Parineeti ...

101 Facts About Australia
Here are some facts for ya about down under - and no, I don't mean my trousers, I mean down under in AUSTRALIA you silly geese! Discover dangerous wildlife ...

Discover Australia with
Discover some of the incredible places you can explore around Australia with

Discover Australia
Australia is the world's largest island and is like a nowhere else on earth: a place where an ancient past melds with hyper-sophisticated cities and natural ...

Who REALLY Discovered Australia? | Facts About Portugal
In what was known at their golden Age of Discoveries, the Portuguese set forth into the world and amassed what would be one of the largest empires in history.